Please carefully review the following warranty terms and conditions before placing your order.

Warranty starts from the purchase date on the invoice. Customers must present valid sales invoice/receipts to validate the warranty period and the coverage. If, Out Standing Desk, (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) verifies that the damages occur in the normal use situation, the Company will issue a written confirmation to the client and would arrange servicing accordingly. 

Warranty does not apply under the following conditions:

  • Misuse by not following the instructions properly.
  • Any accidental, normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, abnormal bending, damage caused by impacts or accidents;
  • Products has been stored/installed incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, or cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products;
  • Unauthorized repairing or modification done to the product with the parts not provided by the Company.
  • Improper voltage supply.
  • Damages caused by acts of nature or natural disasters, such as fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, typhoons and other natural disasters.
  • Damages caused by external factors such as exposure to the sun, dampness, dust or mites etc;
  • Dissatisfaction on the product other than its quality, e.g. product color, outlook, shape, etc.
  • Damages by storing the product in a hot or humid location, or by submerging the product (water, coffee, beverage and etc.)
  • At the same time, the Company is not liable for any indirect loss, cost or consequential damages caused by the quality problem of the product, including but not limited to loss of data, loss of labor, and loss of expected financial benefits etc.

Terms and Conditions

Accessories or gifts are not covered by this Warranty.

If the Company cannot source the parts that are needed for the repairs of the damages caused under normal use situation due to discontinuation of the production,  shortage of stocks, or any other reasons, and therefore cannot provide the servicing with the original parts promptly, the Company reserves the right to replace with the parts of similar quality as the original ones. The replaced parts will not be returned to the customers.

In any case, the Company, its affiliated entities and their employees shall not be liable for any indirect, punitive or consequential losses

  • caused by the clients’ inability of using the products due to the damages or malfunction of the products, or the direct or the indirect losses
  • caused by the change of the products models including the clients financial losses and/or any negative impact on their health.

Our company does not recommend to install table-leg rollers on all adjustable tables.In case the customer request to install it and result to uneven table surface during movement,  or the product is worn-out after installation, our company declared that such situation is out of our scope for warranty and cannot provide any maintenance service.

The Company reserves the rights to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.

In normal manufacturing process, a small amount of stains or impurities may appear on the surface of the product. This is the normal phenomenon and will not affect normal use. If the stain or impurity does not exceed 3 points and each point does not exceed 2mm, based on environmental protection principles, the company will not make replacements or refunds.  The company reserves the rights of final decision on product quality



The Company reserves the rights of final interpretation of the terms and conditions of this Warranty and interpretations of the terms and conditions. 

Please sit back, relax and get in touch with us if you encounter any issues using our products. We would be more than happy to assist you. :)


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